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CAUTION: Know your circle.


We all went to the phases of our lives where we met random strangers at random days. Those moment we can recall how did we have them. While smoking outside the lodge, a man besides me smokes too. I took the interest to talk to him, long ago we became familiar with our faces seeing each other everyday. That’s simple intention to assert friendship in a very simple situation might even seem intimidating for most of us. Everybody knows how uncomfortable it is to talk to strangers or go along with them with even a little talk. But that man I talked to? We became friends and constantly talked about almost everything.

Every man was a stranger from the very beginning. Until God sent down a good company for him. It’s the story of friendship that first occurred in the human biblical history and even biologically. The latter is what everyone, I guess, can successfully testify. And the story went on until they have made a family.

We all make friends for sure. But it isn’t the story. The real deal- what kind of friendship should you be in to? And who you should be with.

As we grow older, we realize it’s more important to have a few but real friends than to have many but are unreal.

They said there are friends to keep and some to send away. Which is true. Not all we called friends are meant to stay. And, of course, there are also friends who are worth saving the beer. You probably know what I’m saying. I don’t want you to suffer the loss I had in dealing with real friendship. So I’m sharing the thoughts I have to bring your friendship in its realistic scope.

1. Define yourself so you can define them. Ask yourself on these things; the way you treat your family, how you spend money, your educational goals, your relation with your environment, your hobbies, greatest frustrations, your dreams, and etc. Why? Imagine you’re in a headstart to build your dream house. But you hired the wrong servicemen. Do you think your house will be built? Perhaps hiring the right persons to this job can properly carry out your plan. Friendship is a matter of belongingness to an individual or a group who can support you in every way possible. Who see things the way you see it. Help you clear the way to move on. And accept ideas that will do you good. Won’t drag you in to the pit of misery and beg you to dig a grave so you can bury yourself in.

2. Check out your “good old folks”. By that, I really mean literally good folks. Remember your 5th grade classmate who would snap you out every time you napped in your most terror Math teacher’s class so you won’t get sets of squad? Or the guy during your sophomore who had lend you some bucks cause you’re family is too broke they can’t give you money? And the person back in your college days who would sit right next to you because he don’t want you to feel alone and excluded from the group? Where are they? Personally, they are the type of people you should definitely check out. They had been your life saver for a while. They reached out for you during those times when they were the ones who dare befriended you. They, I think, have a pure and good intention to you.

3. Real subscribers. You were on a blackout binge from a night party. The next day, you found yourself sleeping halfway your doorsteps in the morning. I’m not saying you were stupid for doing that. The point is, somebody could have at least walk you inside your house in the first place. As the famous quote says, “that’s what friends are for”. No, not that letting you asleep outside your house! Somebody who really cares about you even you’re not like caring for yourself. Let’s face defeat to the truth of having phony friends who were like only there for a season. They are predators. Stick with you when they needed something. Generally speaking, they exist! They quickly walk out the door when the favor won’t come to them. Getting an answer from them to your call when you’re broke can be like lining up for a seat in the train station during rush hour, really disappointing. So pray for real subscribers. A person or a group who can get along well with you through thick and thin. Who can celebrate your achievements and weep for your lose. Who laughs with you and not at you. Appreciates you and doesn’t degrade you. These are the type of friends worth keeping.

While you are still young, your circle easily expands in number but as you grow old, you start to notice that it’s getting narrow. Own up to your freedom to choose. Build a strong bond that any tragedy that will alter can’t break it.

The need of a friend is a major necessity to experience love.

I have the idea that God maybe created this vast population of mankind so we can create friendships. That out of this millions of people, you can find that person who God sent to be your friend.

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