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It’s Time to Face the Mirror and Take Your Mask Off


Sometimes people will hate you for just being you. But still choose to embrace it.

Truth can be so hurtful sometimes. But that truth can also set you free. Any denial to it would severely punish you one day and if by chance, bleed you to death not by the judgment of others but yourself. Do I sound rude? Or being so mean? I guess not. I’m just telling the truth.

My eyes were opened to the ludicrous truth of how the world entertainingly caters its “residents” and “wanna be’s”. By that, I meant people who seek the worldly approval. Just like what most of them say, ‘if you want to be in it, fit in it’. If you’re a type of persons who crave for the acceptance of this world we live in, then you might take that as an invitation, perhaps a privilege. I’m not sure about you but I’m aware of the sweet promises of this world such as success, fame, wealth, liberty and power. Again, I’m not saying they’re not attainable. I only think, it has become a propaganda deliberately announced to catch frail hearts.

While some succeeded to the pursuit of these, some have lost their lives to delusion. It a flipping coin game. Expectation versus reality. Truth against nonentity.

But it’s not what we will be discussing. It’s about accepting the the truth of yourself. And living the real YOU.

When was the last time you pretended to be happy when actually you’re not? Have you ever forcefully done a thing out of your will because you were too afraid to get judged? If so, welcome to reality. Our misapprehension of life is that we think and often assume that the world only needs perfect people! We’ve forgotten that we live in a world which is no longer perfect! The point? Ditch that perfectionism!

We all have our own story, we are in different chapters, and living in total different pages. Psychologically, there are reasons why people don’t want to show any defect of their personality. It might be fear of rejection and judgment. So we tend to wear different social mask to cope up and not to get bruised by the social offenders. And the result of this inception is enormous.

Even when there are people who hate us for being our true selves. There are also people who do the exact opposite. One thing I know for sure, the longer we masked yourself, we might die within. Clarify things up. This is our life, we live it not the way the world wanted it to be but the way exactly we want it to live.
Face the mirror and look at yourself. It’s been a long time since you see yourself. Lately, you were too busy living up for the expectation of other people. You don’t need their approvals to accomplish something. Don’t rely your happiness to this world’s standard.

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Image via Flikr Creative Commons, courtesy of elaueverose. Image via Flikr Creative Commons, courtesy of elaueverose.

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In BJJ, the blue belt is almost as big of a deal as black belt because most people never get that far.

My Jiu Jitsu brothers. My Jiu Jitsu brothers.

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